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Limestone Cobbles

Limestone cobbles are a beautiful option for bordering a patio or driveway which help provide not only a retaining line but a definition to the overall area.

Black Limestone Cobbles
Black Limestone Cobbles
Tumbled Grey Limestone Cobbles
Tumbled Grey Limestone Cobbles
Tumbled Vietnamese Limestone Cobbles
Tumbled Vietnamese Limestone Cobbles

Material Details

Limestone cobbles are made from, as the name suggests, a natural stone called Limestone. Available in a range of sizes such as 200mm x 100mm, 250mm x 80mm, 100mm x 100mm, and 200mm x 100mm, depending on the type of Limestone cobble you would like installed.

Colour options for Limestone cobbles include Tumbled Yellow, Tumbled Grey, Vietnamese Tumbled and Black Limestone cobbles.

We provide other options for bordering a driveway or patio, including granite cobbles. You can learn more about our bordering options here.

Completed Work Examples With Limestone Cobbles

Here are some of the projects that Select Paving has completed using Limestone Cobbles. If you would like to know more, you can contact us anytime to discuss the work.

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