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Looking After Your Driveway

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Here is some tips on how to to look after your paving. It doesn't matter if the paving was installed a month ago or 3 years ago. Looking after your paving will keep it looking great all year round and last for many years to come. This list highlights some of the various things you can do and what to watch out for on your block paving.

5. Block Paving Sealer

Your new block paving can have an impregnator applied which helps which penetrates the paving forming a barrier against fading and moss growth whilst enhancing colour and appearance.  Paving area must be free from any stains or dirt before you apply a paving sealer. We recommend waiting a couple of months before using any type of paving sealer. Call us for advice before you undertake this task. All our previous clients benefit from a 40% discount when we are called back in to seal a driveway!