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New Gravel Driveway Installation in Dublin

New Gravel Driveway Installation in Dublin
2 Days
Dublin, Ireland

Job Details

Completed another gravel driveway installation in Dublin. We pride ourselves on the quality of our gravel driveways in Dublin.

Dug out and extended the driveway area into the lawn. Put in a new pathway shaped through the driveway using a granite flagstone and cobble granite border. Membrane sheeting was laid over the entire area and a cobble stone border placed around it.

Put in a 20mm gravel over the driveway. Get a quote today from Select Paving for a new driveway/patio/garden area. Unbeatable service, outstanding reputation. Visit

The work was: Driveway in Dublin, Ireland

Work Done: Excavated And Removed The Area, Extended The Area As Agreed, Removed The Garden, New Base Foundation Installed, Natural Stone Border, Membrane Weed Block, Machine Rolled Base

Surfacing Material: Granite Cobbles, Granite Slabs, Gravel Stone
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New Gravel Driveway Installation in Dublin

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