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Black Corrib Driveway in Blanchardstown, Dublin

Black Corrib Driveway in Blanchardstown, Dublin

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This driveway has been recently finished by Select Paving in Blanchardstown, Dublin.

First we dug out the original driveway and laid down new hardcore 804 foundation with membrane sheeting underneath. Then we applied a bed of paving sand and compacted the surface down.

We installed new ACO drains near the house to prevent water pooling on the surface.

For the main paving we used Corrib blocks in Black and we gave the driveway a contrasting Silver granite border.

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The work was: Driveway in

Work Done: Excavated And Removed The Area, Extended The Area As Agreed, Removed The Garden, New Base Foundation Installed, New Drainage System, Installed New Recessed Covers To Replace Manhole Covers, Edging Kerbs Installed, Membrane Weed Block, Machine Rolled Base, Block Kerbs

Surfacing Material: Corrib Paving
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Black Corrib Driveway in Blanchardstown, Dublin

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