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Indian Sandstone Patios Dublin

Sandstone Patio Installers Are you looking to have an Indian Sandstone patio in Dublin? We can build a range of patio and garden areas using Indian Sandstone slabbing. We provide multiple options with sandstone, including multiple laying styles, various colours, and multiple texture finishes on the sandstone. Select Paving Dublin provides a wide range of […]

Granite Stone Patios Dublin

Granite Patio Installations We provide a high-quality granite stone installation service in Dublin for customers that want to have a granite patio or granite driveway installed. Granite is one of the strongest and most durable paving materials available and is ideal for creating a long-lasting patio that looks great. We offer a wide selection of […]

Limestone Patios Dublin

Limestone Patio Contractors If you need a contractor for laying limestone patios in Dublin, Select Paving is the company for you. Our team has installed a wide range of limestone patios throughout County Dublin. Limestone slabs are created by cutting and shaping limestone rocks into slabs for laying on a mortar bed. The slabs are […]

Porcelain Patios Dublin

Porcelain Tiled Patios Porcelain tiles patios in Dublin are an excellent option for a patio, garden or pathway surface with various colour choices and textures. Porcelain is popular for patios because it is highly durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. It is also resistant to fading from UV rays, which helps it to maintain its […]

Tar and Chip Driveways Dublin

Tar and Chippings Dublin A tar-and-chip driveway, known as tar and chippings, tar and stone, tar and granite, chip and seal, hot bitumen and stone, is created by covering hot bitumen with stone chippings. This surface is commonly used for driveways and laneways in Dublin, as it is hard-wearing, low maintenance, and less expensive than […]

Gravel Driveway Bordering Styles

Ideas For Bordering Gravel Driveways When you get a new gravel driveway fitted at your home, one of the most significant impacts on the area will be your choice of bordering style. We provide different bordering types that you can choose from with options for colour, material and shape. Kerbing and brick edging are the […]

Front Door Steps and Designs

Front door steps are the steps that lead up to the main entrance of a home. They are typically made of a durable material such as concrete and natural stone and are designed to provide a safe and secure way for people to enter and exit the home. Front door steps can be built in […]

Tarmac and Asphalt Bordering Styles

Ideas For Bordering Your Tarmac and Asphalt Driveway When you get a new tarmac or asphalt driveway fitted at your home, one of the most significant impacts to the area will be bordering. We provide several different bordering styles can you choose from several different bordering types that can be used to enhance the overall […]

What Is Tarmac and Asphalt

Tarmacadam, Tarmac, Asphalt and SMA Multiple terms and technical names often refer to tarmac and Asphaltechnicmost significants. The biggest difference between the technical names is the aggregate, bonding agent and the size of the aggregate. Tarmac/Tarmacadam The term "tarmacadam" is a combination of two words: "tarmac" and "macadam." "Tarmac" is a short form of the […]

The Different Types Of Block Paving

Block paving comes in a variety of not only styles but also types. It is available as standard concrete block paving, clay paver, or natural stone product. Understanding the difference can help you decide the paving you would like installed on your driveway or patio at your home. Standard Concrete Block Paving Standard block paving […]
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