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 Select Paving offers a wide range of fencing and brickwork to all our clients in Dublin

We install both brickwork and fencing at Select Paving. We offer a wide of finishes with both products. Sometimes depending on the situation we would advise one over the other. For example. if you are in need of some privacy from your neighbours and its not in an area that would be danger of high cross-winds, a standard wooden panel fence will do the job fine. If your driveway or patio is to be laid on a slope or will need to be retained we would recommend a retaining wall to ensure its solidity. A wall or decorative fencing can really be used to high effect when it comes to boundary lines. A masonry wall looks exceedingly well on the front boundary of your property. A brick wall can be used in the same method and maybe capping it off with a lovely brick edge or coping would really bring it life. You can even combine both brickwork and fencing. A lower brick line with a decorative panel on top!

All the brickwork and fencing that we install are done to the highest standards possible. We will insert new footings if the existing footings are not of the required standard for our work. All our fence work comes fully treated and we can optionally paint the panels if its required. Call now for more details.

The choice is yours. We are here to help, advice and more importantly, to install whatever product you choose to a high standard.